The barber says, "What are we doing today?"

Many long-hair styles becoming a side effect of the COVID-19 pandemic.  Right now, many clients need to "Knock it back down to short."

Like a lawn that has missed regular mowing, clients are sitting for their first haircuts in months and are learning that long hair just takes more time to get into shape. Those with short styles, whose usual haircut at the barber shop was typically 20-30 minutes, are enjoying hour-long sittings to cut the hair to a manageable 1-2x a month frequency again. HRBS thanks you for your patience while we get you back on schedule. 

Here's how we're doing this during the plague:


Text 256-481-7761 and let us know you are here. We will text you back when we are ready for you.  Please come by yourself. (One parent may come with child.)

Hair Service

Masks are required for 100% your time in the shop for hair service.

Beard Trims

You will be guided on mask removal for beard trims (Paul will be in mask+shield).  Please do not talk during beard trims - there is a limited amount of time before the glasses and face shield fog up.


Thank you for your cooperation and we're glad you're back!